President Warren, President Trump

That’s quite a choice we will be asked to make, between an arrogant, dumb New York real estate shark who built an empire from his father’s money and a brainy woman who is much more comfortable talking policy in great depth.

I would go for the woman!

President Trump launches his reelection campaign in Florida Tuesday, apparently planning to run on some combination of bile and promises to “fix” a health care system that is confusing, but not actually broken. He says he will have a plan soon.

Sure he will. I predict it will be secret, or something like that so he doesn’t have to tell in any detail what it might be. The president, in case you have not noticed, is not a detail man at all. I doubt he could describe the workings of government beyond saying, “I am the president and what I say, goes.” But he’s completely wrong about that. He has not noticed yet that increasingly, the federal government pays little attention to what he says.

That’s because he does not grasp the nuances of policy making. The Great Negotiator would not know a legislative deal if it bit him on the leg. That part of his rep is a myth, too, which he pumps up at every opportunity. I suspect his followers, particularly those in the areas far outside of big cities, are still carrying the image of Trump from TV saying “You Are Fired!”

But that was only pretend.

Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, is nothing but detail from her shoes to the top of her head. She has already issued dozens of plans for solving actual problems, along with diagrams of how to get them accomplished and all the other nuts and bolts of government.

I like Bernie Sanders, too, but maybe not for president. Secretary of Something Big would be nice for him. Joe Biden, great character, but maybe a little too wed to the idea of coasting along on that spectacular background. That won’t work with Trump, because he doesn’t know how to understand it.

Warren, on the other hand, would not be flustered by the blab-o-lator at all. That would just wash off and she would respond in any case with some well thought out reality.

Also, he’s not going to use Pocohantas again, is he? That’s tired already and didn’t work the first time around.

So, I’m for her in that match up.

But I don’t know if she can win the nomination. In the contest, I am also for anyone who is NOT Donald Trump.