Kicking Off Trump’s New Campaign?

Surprise, it’s just like Trump’s old campaign, except even more arrogant.

Same scene, a big arena packed to the rafters in Florida (people left early). Same issues: Hillary Clinton, lock her up, missing emails, and so on. Same rhetoric, keeping America great and so on. Same ridiculous smile, full of confidence and gluten.

So here we go again!

There is no equivalent among the many, many Democrats running for President so the New York Times took the time to send them all formal questions and publish their responses. I did that once for a US Senate campaign in Pennsylvania. I was at UPI then, my friend Tom Ferrick and I worked up timely questions and sent the results across the wire. Too big was all I could conclude. I was hoping people would keep the questions and answers to compare with what the candidates were saying on the trail.

But people don’t do that. The only real impact the questionnaire had was it trapped the late John Heinz in a gun control embarrassment in which he said he thought Saturday night specials were people, not firearms. One of the big papers said he was “either too dumb or too devious” to be in the U.S. Sneate.

But that’s history.

Maybe you can keep the Times questionnaires and answers and stack them up against what people actually say on the campaign trail, for which you should get a t-shirt that says, “Hopeless Political Nerd” on the front. No one will listen to you. Why bother?

We are in a new era of politics now so you just have to follow your own heart in these matters. Just remember that if it sounds like bullshit, it probably is bullshit. You don’t have to go any deeper than that.

On Trump, expect an endless collection of “lock her up” rallies about Hillary Clinton, who is not running, and “Sleepy Joe” Biden, who is. What Trump is great at is calling names, and he’s great at it because his followers respond to it. There are so many Democrats, he is going to have to have a crib sheet.

Heaven forfend he should call Kamala Harris “Pocohantas,” because that’s Elizabeth Warren’s Trump name.

Let him grind on this time around and keep you head screwed on straight. He can certainly be beaten, but we have to stay cool about it and recall the lessons of 2016, in which we learned a divided house is screwed.