The Greatest Military Parade of them all is in Red Square

But think of what it represents.

It happens because at some point, the place was so fragile that huge parades and fireworks displays like bombardments sent the not very subtle message that, although your life is built on layers and layers of shit, we still have ALL the power.

I have been to the big Red Square parades a couple of times, mostly during the Soviet Era, but once after the U.S.S R. had folded. In fact, I sneaked down to Red Square the night before the parade with a spy friend back in the 1970s.

He was going (or was it she? I’m not telling) to see what the latest version of heavy missiles had become. Basically, big and scary and powerful. But not the ones in the Soviet parade. They were shells of weapons, just rolling along across the gray cobblestones because the Russians needed to show power.

Empty power.

We, of course, have never been like that. I don’t have any doubt but that our military is the most awesome thing history has ever seen in the way of waging wars, but it doesn’t scare me a bit because as a citizen, I know it can’t be used against me.

And trotting any of it out on the Fourth of July seems to be to be more about our fractured president needing to see how powerful he is because he has absolutely no confidence in his own presence.

He could be gone tomorrow.

We would most all cheer!

So what is President Trump doing?

He’s going to have a couple of huge tanks on hand, and some lesser tanks and personnel carriers on hand, just to show people he has…what? A couple of tanks and related equipment. None of which can be used. There will be a fly-over, too, of some Blue Angels jets and other hardware, and giant Air Force One will drift over the city, too.

Like everything else about this man’s presidency, this, too, is a charade. No need to follow any of it. Best tune in to public radio or television and hear what’s going on down where the sane people celebrate. Copland will be on the radio, along with Sousa and lots of other heroic music.

Trump would not get it.

I cannot wait until this man is completely gone!