Time to shift from my dire medical condition to the dire condition of our politics. A timely shift!

Okay, so the pins are set up the bowlers are ready to step up and send a thundering message down the alley. The problem is we can’t tell what thundering message it’s going to be, and may well not be able to tell until the next Presidential election.

So do we have the impeachment process as a functional element of government, or is it like a faux toilet handle we can use to flush away some anger and emotion, then get back to business as usual? From my perspective, it would seem the latter. We’re not going to convict President Trump of the charges set up by the House Democrats, so the man will no doubt be in office until someone actually votes him out. He’ll go on tweeting and bleating and repeating all kinds of ridiculous stuff that carries neither truth nor consequence. It will just be more noise. It’s what he has always done so well, blather on and then back off and yield to the next self-constructed crisis.

This is what happens when your president is a liar. He doesn’t seem to lose the backing of the people who love him, that strange amalgam of frustrated rural Republicans who still think Mr Lincoln was wrong about the whole black thing and the founding of the original Republican Party. He goes on and so do they!

So, we have the Democrats searching for a standard bearer, with the most likely one being an old Socialist who only reluctantly identified as a Democrat when it seemed it would work for him. The most likely of the pack, former Vice President Joe Biden, seems to be carrying some kind of burden in this contest that drags him back every time he moves ahead.

What we have so far from the Democrats is a lot of sincere talk with a smattering of ideology mixed in. But not much passion at all. Even Elizabeth Warren, waaaaaay the smartest of the Democrats, doesn’t seem to have a lot of oooomph. And that is what it is going to take to beat the Orange-est candidate politics has ever seen.

That and an awareness that the electorate is going to be so conditioned by the time election day rolls around that none of the old tactics will work. Name calling just won’t do it. The candidate who successfully answers the question: What is a Democrat?” will have the advantage. We just don’t know who that is going to be.

3 thoughts on “Time to shift from my dire medical condition to the dire condition of our politics. A timely shift!

  1. Well Mayor Pete is certainly a viable character, but as the coauthor of “Dangerous Company,” all about management consultants, I am suspicious of his actual motives. He could well be the genius like character he seems, or he could be a mr. McKinsey smarty pants, and Lord knows we have seen enough of them. So he has to sell me on him. (hello Vince!)


  2. Still hoping the Orange One self-destructs. Does the one thing, or is found to have done the one thing, or says the one thing that would inspire even Miss Lindsey (R-SC) to vomit live on Fox & Friends. Let us pray . . .


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