Calling electable Republicans!

Having become only the third sitting president in history to be impeached, the focus for the Democrats and President Trump, too, now becomes the next election in fall 2020. The Senate, controlled by the blindly loyal majority leader Mitch McConnell, will pitch this hot potato into the history bin as quickly as it can, I predict, following a very brief trial after which Donald Trump will remain president for the rest of his term, bitching and tweeting all the way.

It’s a coward’s way of fighting, this tweeting business, allowing him to basically rest in bed while he tries to excorcise his damned demons, which are apparently welded to a special place in what serves as his soul. He has what he always wanted now, a guaranteed place in history.

Impeachment may well ignite his supporters, but that fire is only going to burn hot for while. What will remain is ashes, acres of ashes, and the brutal reality that what he is going to be remembered for is not a big wall between us and Mexico, or a trade deal, or even his unusual relationship with the bug-like leader of North Korea. He is going to be remembered for impeachment.

That’s all.

So what should happen politically? I can’t believe I am saying this, but I do believe it would work. The next president must be a Republican in good standing, a moderate without trashy mouth or embarrassing business history. He or she must be abundantly ethical, cool headed and so Republican in nature that the character evokes images of Eisenhower or a bunch of the Bushes. (It should not be a Bush!) It should be a president who enjoys money and martinis in moderation, has some kids and a spouse who can be the pride of the nation. He should be soundly elected with bipartisan support. The candidate should come from some American town that has a town square and lots of white Houses, some of which contain a healthy collection of African Americans and other minorities. He might drive around in a Ford pickup. It would have a gun rack, but no guns.

Why would I suggest this when it seems the nation would be so ripe for a Democrat like Joe Biden? Because if the situation is not absolutely right, with strong majorities in the House and Senate, any Democrat moving in to the White House would be impeachment bait for all those angry Republicans who will carry their anger about the Trump impeachment down through the ages. But not against a Republican president. That dude would be safe, I suspect, from a revenge move on the far right.

It would be like a cleansing action scrubbing the Trumpiness from the process. All of it. Face it, what we need now is a boring president who loves alliances with Europeans. Lots of them. And Asia, too.

This guy would put a “Welcome” sign on the southern border and actually mean it.

It would also mean it could be safe to go on vacation in Europe again without having to explain to everyone that we are not actually crazy, that the Trump election was a fluke. As for Trump, Mar-eh?-Lago beckons, promising Big macs until he explodes from them and as much golf as an the old man can tolerate.