A rhetorical response

Okay, there is the White House official response to the impeachment charges the Senate will consider, however briefly, when the president’s impeachment trial resumes. Basically, its more of the same old Trumpian crap.

The process, the President says, is “rigged” and the Senate should immediately acquit Trump as soon as the trial begins later this week. I am of two minds on these suggestions. My first mind, my logical mind, says, “Sure, toss them out…” That will make it clear that the politics in this game didn’t stop at the door of the House, that the Senate is a willing player, too. They are all guilty, from Trump on down, so just ignore this and move on to the election!”

Not a bad idea at all, but one that negates congressional history and lets it slip the bonds of obligation, which require a serious measure of the President’s behavior. That’s my second mind talking, of course. No matter my past disappointments, I continue to expect proper behavior from my elected representatives. Always have. The charges are pretty clearly stated and well supported.

But none of that matters. What matters is we have a Senate full of graduate level boobies, the Republicans among whom simply can’t do what is required here because of the fear that Trump will turn on them.

Too late, he already has. That’s why this whole thing is so uncomfortable. We are watching the decline of our noble Congressional system even as it plays out in chapter and verse. Trump came into office with no respect for the system or its processes, and this is where it has carried us.

The only real fix for this mess is at the polls. Remember that in November when once again, we will be called to the noble task of picking leadership.

This time, at least lets keep it in our same species!

2 thoughts on “A rhetorical response

  1. in the final estimation of all this,the impeachment and the subsequent trial in the Senate are POLITICAL actions, and as such, do not function by the same rules as Criminal trials of felony and misdemeanor. Hopefully, down the line, the man in the orange haze will be brought to that court…then let the fur fly. All of these quislings supporting him will meet their singular fates down the line, most probably being rewarded for their cowardly acts by their “constituents”. We,as the American voters, get EXACTLY what we deserve as a group. VOTE, and for the sake of us all, get others into the same mindset. VOTE,VOTE,VOTE.


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