So,what is the truth?

Okay, one full day of evidence and testimony is behind us now, with the Democrats leveling the opening shots on their charge that President Trump tried to shake down the Ukrainian government to get it to unleash announcements about investigations of Joe Biden and his son. In response, the Republicans have shouted that it’s all unfair and that the Democrats are doing whatever they can to ruin this man, Donald Trump, in an action that will damage the office beyond repair. That’s serious stuff, and it’s too bad the president isn’t fully on board with this. Instead, what we got were dozens and dozens of Davos tweets from the tweeter in chief, most of which amounted to bullshit.

What to say about all of this?

I don’t know. I am being completely honest about this. Trump is being classic Trump, a man who would not know a truth if it bit him. He will continue to lie his way through this process, and what remains of his presidency. His good fortune at this point resides in the fact that somehow, the Republican Party has lost its mind and can’t tell truth from lie anymore. It has to do that because the President, a liar times something like 13,000, is a Republican and as such, can’t be said to be doing wrong. So on this troubling stunt of a trial will roll. The most they can say is we hate him. Guilty! I surely do.

I would certainly hope he gets his butt strongly kicked in the election, which is where it all matters anyhow. Until then, enjoy the theater! But don’t go looking for the truth. It fled Washington many, many months ago.

2 thoughts on “So,what is the truth?

  1. Truth seems to have fled many places! I just had a troubling conversation with a neighbor who believes a very different version of what I was told about an incident in our neighborhood. Neither of us was “in the room when it happened”, but I thought my version was the accurate one as it came from people who were present. She seems just as sure of hers, and more disturbing to me, that what I was told was a deliberate lie- no room, apparently, for miscommunication or an honest mistake.


  2. I can only hope the American people are intelligent enough to see what he really is Surely we won’t give him 4 more years to damage this country.


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