Jesus, Saturday Morning Cartoons and Impeachment!

That’s what Saturday morning was for, watching all those old cartoons, until now! Now we have an impeachment to ponder, which, although it’s shaping up as cartoonish, isn’t really funny at all. Tell the truth, did you watch the Republican Party’s opening impeachment shots? Or did you just take your sweetheart for coffee and donuts. I went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, where I always go to ponder big personal or political news, and scrupulously avoided media of any kind. It was a great, great morning walk in sloppy mush, which I can do now with a cane, followed by a spectacular lunch of veggie chili and a hunk of pork coated in breading and fried and then put into a sandwich. The coffee was great. Then I went home and read for about three hours, Bishop John Shelby Spong’s great book “Jesus For The Non-Religious” that seeks to strip Christ from the clutches of religion by talking about what actually happened way long ago to the person we think we know as Jesus. Just to let you know, it starts out by saying our Christmas thoughts about the baby in the manager were fabrications. I think I know where he’s going with all of this. I think he is going to argue that Jesus was so compelling the people who followed him decided to grease him up with a bunch of voodoo miracles so he would seem even more magnificent! It wasn’t necessary. The Jesus we got was pretty good on his own. He didn’t need miracles. This is directly related to what the Republicans are trying to do with Trump, grease him up with a bunch of miracles to make him seem even more spectacular. The difference is Jesus was demonstrably sent from his father to save us all from damnation, while Trump was sent by his father to mess up the real estate markets and peddle influence wherever he could. Big difference. Trump is a shake down artist of the highest order, a liar without compare, a womanizer and a wiggly piggy with no taste. He should well be sent packing, but that’s not going to happen. At least not until next November.

I know should watch the Republican response, but I just can’t. Those are the people we beat up in high school, after all, and who had trouble getting dates until the playing field was cleared of all the neat women and what was left would hook up with anyone who had money. At least that’s how it seemed to me. Life is not unfair, but it is unjust, which is not the same thing. Trump deserves to swing for his behavior, but he won’t. He is the troubling product of our tortured Democracy. Count the days and then push his yacht away from the dock.

I’m going to go read more now about Jesus.

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  1. Spent the day with our grandsons playing a board game, going to a bookstore and putting puzzles together. Even with a couple arguments with the seven year old, so much more civilized!

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