Ready to go again, Republicans

I suspect they have their arguments all lined up. They will amount to rationalizations of what The President did in his phone call with the Ukranian president, that whole quid pro quo thing involving a whopping big check for defense against the Russians versus the hint that Ukraine is investigating Joe Biden and his son for something or another. I don’t know what.

Neither does Trump.

The important thing to remember as this impeachment defense continues is that President Trump has not a single iota of truth in his head about anything. He has no idea what Hunter Biden was doing on the board of that energy company. He just thinks everyone would behave the way he would behave in similar circumstances. His dad gave him the money to get started in real estate or whatever it was and the rest is tortured history. The man is a business thief of the worst kind, now in the ideal position to peddle as much influence as he can muster. He is such a ponce!

I say we jettison him in November, but not now because impeachment is too imperfect a process to bust such a perfect criminal. He should form some kind of even stranger partnership with Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell. They can market loquat juice from S. Carolina under the “Perfect Pucker” label and walk hand in hand into the sunset. Or retire to Mar-oh-lago or some other tropical paradise!