Bolton as symbol for the GOP

Well, John Bolton clearly has a story to tell about the President that will cast a bright light on what Mr. Trump was doing on the question of Ukraine, the Bidens and the upcoming Presidential Election. Let me take a wild shot here and suggest if you want to know what it was, you are going to have to buy Bolton’s book. There’s no way the Republicans will allow this loaded canon of a necon to testify in the impeachment proceedings.

Here is why. Up to this point in the proceedings, everyone had at least a kind of deniability on the question of Trump’s slippery explanations for what he was doing on Ukraine. The place did have a long standing history of corruption. The Biden attached to the power company had no background for that kind of work and energy in Eastern Europe is a ripe pumpkin for corruption of all kinds. Then there’s the Russians, who lurk like wolves behind every scheme and pounce with no notice. The energy company is the perfect situation for them. Manipulate the numbers, bomb all systems with invasive technology and who knows what else. They are, after all, in a war.

Given those realities, allowing this most astute fly on the wall to address the Senate as a witness might well be fatal for Trump. He’s riding on party loyalty up to this point, but that horse will go down pretty easily with some compelling testimony from a person who was in a position to know everything that was going on. The president has no credibility on these matters at all. He is full of lies, which come pouring out of his mouth the minute he opens it. He can’t tweet away the kind of testimony Bolton could deliver, and Mitch McConnell and everyone else knows that, even Lindsay Graham.

He’s not going to show up, I would guess. And as cover, neither is anyone else.

From day one this was theater aimed at NOT impeaching the president and tossing him by the roadside. Watch the final acts to see this play out!

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