Defending a Surreal Culprit

Here’s the problem with what’s happening in the Senate today on the impeachment front: there’s a bigger elephant in the room than the Republican Party. A couple of questions. If we’re not having an actual court session (impeachment is a political action that smells like a court, but isn’t actually a court) does it matter when a juicy hunk of evidence comes floating over the transom? Can that be considered as part of the evidence package?

John Bolton holds the impeachment process by the short curlies with his revelation of what he knew about the whole Ukraine stinky mess, what he knew as the national security chief for a brief period when this soupy mess was just steaming away. He is basically confirming the case the House presented when it impeached Trump. There was a quid pro quo that involved the Ukranians announcing something about a Biden family investigation somehow connected to perceptions that the board seat young Biden held for the energy company Barisma wasn’t just a stinky old Democratic patronage stunt playing out, but may have involved actual corruption. There’s no evidence for that yet. The Republicans were apparently stimulated by the thought they could rub vague corrupution charges all over Joe Biden, the likely Democratic nominee. Since he is challenging one of the most corrupt presidents in history, you can see how that thought might have been attractive.

So now the debate is going to shift into whether to call witnesses, with Bolton being at the top of the list. There are already discussions about trade offs, a Trump backer for Bolton. Maybe Rudy Giuliani will reenter the conversations. Thoughtful Republicans will think twice about that one. Bolton and Giuliani in the same show would be a real ticket seller, but probably fatal for the Trump presidency.

Remember, what most of these guys want to do is vote to shut the whole thing down and then go back home to campaign. That was obviously the plan in the beginning.

I don’t think Trump is going to be forced from office by any of this, but a vast pile of ammo is a-building for the Presidential campaign. That might force the president to start packing before the Salvador Dali clock that’s timing this thing melts away completely.

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  1. Please, Please, not 4 more years of this greedy crook sitting in the big chair. We need a moral intelligent person to represent us. This should not be about party, but QUALITY. Thank you


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