The Big Slither

Here it comes,. like a black snake surprised on a dirt road in August while sunning itself: the big slither! Have you ever seen one? They just rest there glistening in the sunshine until you make a noise and then, zip, they are gone. Such interesting reptiles, black snakes. Not toxic like rattlers but with a nasty bite if they can get ahold of you. Infection may well follow and who knows what after that gets going?

Everything is lined up for the Republican led Senate to slide, snake like, off into history on the question of whether Donald Trump should remain president. It’s not a toxic situation, but bad enough, I would suggest. I believe they are going to do what they have always intended to do, give the man a pass on the Ukrainian deal (our money for you to use fighting the Russians in exchange for your slanders of Joe Biden, basically) and let him stay in office for the time being. I don’t know whether the burden of impeachment has been met at all. There is no real measure for it except the vague “high crimes and misdemeanors” What we have here is politics that ran crazy for a while because of our looney president and his allies in the Senate. He is certainly the worst president we have had in modern times, so I guess we will just have to wait for the election to get rid of him.

I don’t think Donald Trump can claim victory in this event, but neither can Nancy Pelosi. No matter how well she played her game, there was no way to win from the outset. I think she knew that. But what she did is spread a lot of bad goooooo all over the place about President Trump and how he does business and that will help fuel the presidential campaign against him, one must hope. He is every bit as bad as we all thought. And as stupid as they come, looking at how he has behaved. I can’t imagine what other secrets the man is hiding. We have all heard enough at this point.

Onward to the election! God Bless America.

God help America, too.

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