I Fall on my face, not the worst thing of the week

If you have followed my blog with any regularity, you already know that I spent about a month or so at Evanston Hospital then at Presbyterian Rehab in the wake of a deep brain infection that left me just about helpless. I think I’m over the infection, but I fell full on my face Monday in the wake of a 1.6 mile “health walk” to pick up a prescription. Had I been thinking, I would have taken my walking stick on this journey, which would have prevented the problem. But I did not, which is evidence, my wife argues, quite correctly, that I have not yet healed in my head. How could this not be the worst thing of the week? The U.S. Senate is the answer to that question. It is lining up to do absolutely the worst thing of the week, which is to give President Trump a walk on impeachment. Such cowardly people! I watched the closing arguments, which basically amounted to 1. It was not a serious enough crime to warrant removal from office, and 2. It was not a serious enough crime to warrant removal from office. I think the Senate is wrong, but what do I know? Pretty clear to me President Trump was ready to trade military aid for some slime to spread on Joe Biden, one of his likely Democratic challengers. So they are not going to toss him out over that! All he apparently wanted was the chance to say his likely challenger was “under investigation” in Ukraine. (Who isn’t?) Instead, what he got is a whole Senate performance that let him say the same thing, over and over. This might be the kind of stunt that can only work in a nation of foolish people. But we already know we live in a nation of foolish people because : “President Trump!”

So now what? Well, they will fail on an impeachment vote because everyone from Mitch McConnell to the rest of the Republicans in the Senate simply can’t handle it. Then President Trump will start a round of those ridiculous airport campaign visits where the locals line up to cheer every time time he says, “Lock her up!” without even knowing that there is nothing to lock Hillary up for so, why chant? That will be how he campaigns for the rest of the year, selling silly hats and MAGA T-shirts and claiming nothing could be better than the way the nation has turned out under his presidency. The Dems will respond by saying most of that is because of Obama’s economic policies, then there will be an election that will do whatever the polls show. I am so tired of all of this.

It’s waaaaaaaaay too early for me to be tired of all of this. I’m not even working for a newspaper anymore so I don’t have to pay much attention at all to anything. Yet here I am, babbling on! I will continue this until my brain heals or the election comes. I hope my brain heals first!

In the interim, it is Iowa time again, a process that appears to be relentlessly democratic but that makes very little sense no matter how you measure it. Every four years, the media discovers Iowa with its farmers and rustics and practical city folks who apparently eat only in tiny restaurants with spunky local cooks and waitresses. And let’s not forget the snappy agricultural implement wall decorations. It is like no other place in the United States, but it’s easy to get to, has acceptable hotels and gives the nation’s media (such as it is these days) a place to gather to pretend to look very smart about how delegates are selected. It is tailor-made for avuncular reporters like Charles Kuralt, except he’s gone and there will never be anyone to replace him. I think I was a pretty good candidate for that kind of work but I had the defining weakness of no confidence in my looks and an abiding respect for words on paper. So dated! Also, I despise corn dogs!

5 thoughts on “I Fall on my face, not the worst thing of the week

  1. Yikes! Face Planting is not good! So very glad you have the ability to form complete thoughts and ideas, AND to communicate them to the world. Take the walking stick and keep writing!


  2. No, you falling down is more disturbng than whatever the silly Senate will do. Take your walking tick. I am about to take mine on my daily 2-mile walk and I haven’t even been in the hospital. Yeah, Iowa. Been there. New Hampshire, too. haven’t we been there together?


  3. For kind of a nothing state, Iowa nonetheless has been mistaken for heaven (by Ray Kinsella, the elder), been immortalized in a pretty good Robert Preston musical (where he warned of trouble, my friend) and peddles loose-meat sandwiches (Made Rites) beloved — like Cincinnati chili, in Cincinnati — nowhere else. Having said that, right now I’d rather be falling on my face in Puerto Vallarta.


  4. Hang in there Man, you’re still brilliant and the government will be what the government is. WHO KNOWS. Carry the cain, even WINSTON CHURCHILL carried a cain. Very distinguished look.


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