Trumps Trial outcome

We kind of all knew from the get go how this was going to turn out because basically, the Senate is full of Republican cowards who will do anything they can to stay in the good graces of the president who would be king, Donald Trump. With the exception of Mitt Romney, who found eloquence that was purposeful and pointless at the same time, they all hopped back on board the Trump train for another ride, this time to Election Day. If that train jumps the track and rolls down into a crevasse, denting all on board, I will shed not a single tear. Short of that, if you have a Republican on the ticket in November in your state, get out all the votes you can to send that person packing. They have proved themselves corrupt and useless, just as the president is corrupt and useless. Time to pay the piper.

I’m not going to go over all the details again because, unless you live in a cave without a connection, you already know what they are. They didn’t matter anyhow because, no matter how well presented, they could not sway enough Republicans to make a difference. From Robert Mueller onward, this has been a huge waste of time. We could have watched a lot of good internet TV instead! Nancy Pelosi was a trouper and did the best she could, the man the president called Shifty Shiff was great. The Democrats did a fine job. But it was a job that didn’t meet its objective.

Or did it?

I suspect President Trump will revert to form and declare his greatness at every opportunity. He will sell lots of hats and t-shirts and proclaim himself the hero of the nation. But he is not. He is the same lying, scheming thief he has always been. The nation must know this now, and the whole story is now in the hands of the voters. Sure, the Iowa Democrats could fuck up a steel ball with a rubber mallet. But Iowa is meaningless anyhow, so what was lost?

Let’s get on with picking a Democrat to face this swinish casino developer in November. The decision is in the hands of the people.

So decide!

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  1. What a revelation. How can so many republican people be so spineless! Do they really believe he is innocent???? HOW !!!!


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