Disaster Update!

I used to be so good at this when I was writing “overviews” for the newspaper. But that was, generally, a much quieter time with a news cycle that was about 16 hours long. Now its different. So updating on disasters is usually a minute by minute process.

Here goes:

It has been one of the shittiest weeks in modern history. The impeachment trial amounted to a big pile of ashes when party line votes (predicted all along) defined he day. Mitt Romney finally did something heroic and will pay a big price for it I suspect by voting Against President Trump. This came after his eloquent speech about why. I wrote this phrase earlier but I like it so much I am going to do it again. Mitt’s speech was both purposeful and pointless at the same time. He was touching but he swayed no one to shift in the hopeless frozen heart club that has become the Republican Party. None of them deserves reelection, so let’s see that that comes true by voting aggressively everywhere we can.

The president shifted from snotty loser to snotty winner mode, firing two key witnesses who testified at this trial and unleashing lots of tweets at his other enemies. The man remains hopeless. He is likely to be reelected because of the other big development of the week, the meltdown of the Democratic Party. The Iowa caucus was so messed up everyone could claim victory even as their planes landed in New Hampshire. The Democrats held a debate but there are no clear winners in that process so we’ll just see what happens in Monday’s actual election.

I love New Hampshire because it sells liquor on its turnpikes!

What a place.

In other news, the markets went up and down as is their wont, Mr. Biden promised to become even meaner as time passes and people everywhere headed back to their flannel pajamas because a cold snap was on the way! Stay cosy and remember, there are no answers in bourbon, but the questions get more interesting as things progress!

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  1. But I just bought a new bottle of bourbon (to make medicinal hot toddies). And, seriously, I’m spending so much energy not being scared out of my mind.


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