Kind of makes you sick, doesn’t it?

Roger J. Stone Jr. has been slithering around Republican politics for a long time and it came as no surprise to folks who have followed the scene that he finally got his tail stuck in a trap that led to a long prison sentence. No matter the level, from city councils to state legislatures to Congress, there have always been scummy players who would do the work the principals didn’t want to get dirtied up on. That was Roger Stone’s mission in the Trump camp.

Late Monday, federal prosecutors in Washington asked a U.S. District Court to send Stone to jail for seven to nine years. He was convicted of trying to sabotage a Congressional investigation of President Trump. It didn’t take long for Trump to react. He said that recommendation was “horrible and unfair.” When Stone was convicted on seven felony charges in November, Trump argued “the real crimes were on the other side. Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice,” he tweeted.

By Tuesday afternoon, Trump’s message had reached the Justice Department, leading prosecutors to file a new memo suggesting the sentencing memo was excessive and “does not accurately reflect the Department of Justice’s position on what would be a reasonable sentence. It made no suggestion beyond incarceration, but with no specific guideline. It’s up to the court, the new memo said. None of the original prosecutors signed that revised view.

They all pulled out of the case. One of them quit a U.S. Attorney’s office.

So what should we do about this? Impeach the president? Been there and tried that. No. It’s time once again to commit to a change this fall. Send Donald Trump packing. As for Roger Stone, put him in jail for a good bit to send a message about people who try to peddle influence.

Kind of makes you sick, doesn’t it?

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