WELL, sooner to later it had to happen. Attorney General Barr now says President Trump’s ridiculous tweets are making impossible for him to do his job. Were I he (and I am not) I would just quit and stomp my feet as I left the building. Barr apparently has decided to drag this one out.

This is a continuation of the Roger Stone mess the president slipped in a few days ago when he made it clear he thought the multi-year prison sentence for his slimy friend was just too harsh for a guy that age. A handful of prosecutors stepped away from that process and one actually quit the department. It made a good deal of noise on the Internet but it seemed like most of the president’s other abominations, it would just slip by and into the fog. Maybe not this time.

The problem here is that, in the wake of the failed impeachment conviction effort, Trump now thinks he can get away with anything. This is a sign he can’t. It was bold of this previously meek attorney general to respond this way after spending months licking the president’s boots and hauling his trash. Now that seems to have stopped. Stay tuned.

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