Meanwhile, over there!

I mean Not on the Democratic campaign trail. I mean at the U.S. Department of Justice, where William P. Barr either is or is NOT considering resigning because he has finally concluded he is working for a meddlesome, uncontrollable fool.

I’ve seen more consistency and predictability among dating high schoolers. At least their motives are hormone-driven, primitive and, hence, can’t be questioned. Trump is obviously going even crazier in the wake of his non conviction after impeachment and Barr is just letting what is left of his reputation melt away.

But what is really going on here?

Basically, Trump has reached the boiling point with the world of law enforcement and its reaction to his most recent sentence cuttings for convicted Illinois felon and former governor Rod Blagoevich, a collection of other imprisoned felons and his hints that he might or might not do something to ease the sentence of former buddy and campaign reptile Roger Stone. Trump has been led to believe he can do anything, and so he is trying all of it!

Prosecutors put a lot of passion into these cases and the president is acting like they meant nothing. His argument seems to be their behaviors weren’t bad enough to warrant those sentences. Or even worse, he now thinks jail is too harsh a punishment for most of the swells! Federal judges would disagree.

But he doesn’t care about that, either.

This is the president’s boldness expressing itself in the wake of a compliant Senate full of bootlicks failing to convict him after the House impeached the man. He is on a rage, and its going to cost all of us.

But mostly it’s going to cost him and folks close to him.

Assuming the Democrats don’t just roll over and let Michael Bloomberg simply buy the nomination, Trump’s behavior is producing tons of fodder for the campaign trail. Smart folks will start to use that very aggressively in the presidential contest and in every Senate campaign in the nation. We need to change a lot of things in November. The tools for that process are building all over the place. Pick them up and use them, please!

The numbers are building, if the polls are any indicator Trump is completely ripe for a crushing. Everyone from Bloomberg to Biden defeats him handily in the latest round of polls. Let’s not blow this one. The Democrats have the numbers to beat this fat brute. Build on that and let’s get to the election, pleeeeeease!

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  1. I’m with you brother. But I wish you were running. An intelligent person would indeed be a welcome change.


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