Screaming Meanies!

Holy shit, a bunch of these people have to get out of the Democratic Primary Contest so just one or two move on, take the nomination and build a coalition to crush the president before he wangles himself another four years. I mean it. Time to clear the chamber and let the grown ups take over. And who would that be?

Bernie Sanders, for one, because he has earned it. Most Americans would not know Democratic Socialism if it jumped up and bit them on the butt. That ignorance could well sink Bernie’s ship before it gets much further into the water. But he is a grown up. Consistent for decades. Honest as the day is long. Passionate. Determined and Cranky to boot. What’s not to like? No. He finally belongs there.

Joe Biden, talk about having paid his dues. This guy knows more about politics than anyone on the debate stage and would be a great challenger to Donald Trump. But he’s not enough of a shouter to stick out yet. Less noise will give him a louder voice so we can all hear that he actually makes sense. Elizabeth Warren. Sincere. Driven. Dogmatic. Determined. Go Liz! The rest of them, I’m not sure. Mayor Bloomberg has bought himself a slot, but what’s he saying? What’s he offering? Tom Steyer? Meh! Amy, very sincere but I think there’s a determined anger beneath all of that which could be her real undoing. Pete B.? Smart and very well spoken, but just too young to be heard in some ways. In other ways, he is a clarion to the future, so you have to love him. Just not right now.

Did you like the debate? If your answer is “yes”,. what the hell’s wrong with you ? If your answer is no, then join me in urging no more debates because 1. They aren’t debates, they are shouting matches. 2. There’s no anchor up to handling the moderator’s job and 3. Keep waving arms like that and someone is bound to get hurt. I say we go back to the dark old days of journalism where you just interviewed the hell out of them and did enough research to know where the skeletons were then wrote stories that either ended it for them, giving what you would disclose, or cleared a pathway because you thought they deserved it. Anyhow, that’s how it worked back in the dark old days. Of course that’s how we got Clinton.

Where is the new Obama when you really need him?

I have to go to sleep now. Really.

2 thoughts on “Screaming Meanies!

  1. I hate these debates. They have become reality tv food fights. What if each debate was issue focused? Longer answers on what would you do, how do you make it happen. Right now, any of these candidates could run the country better than the orange one, but they are destroying each other and I fear, any chance we have of winning.


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