A Better America

Well, you can debate about a lot of things in politics, but you can’t debate the outcome in South Carolina, the most diverse battleground so far in the Democratic primaries. Joe Biden won it all, from bottom to top with not much room for anyone else. Bernie Sanders was a distant second. Everyone else was waaaaaaay down on the list, so far that Tom Steyer fell Off!

This is good news for moderate Democrats who were hoping someone would grab some wind besides Bernie Sanders. So far, the Democratic socialist has been sweeping things up all over the place. But that is no longer true. Folks who think he offers the party the kiss of death can rest now, until Tuesday, that is.

I think they were wrong about that Kiss of Death thing. Bernie has a magical connection with the future of a Democratic Party he will not live to see, I would suggest. A decade or so down the road, his ideas and proposals will define the party, which will be young, more diverse and, I would pray, in charge of the House, Senate and White House. Young people back him because he offers them something to hope for. Even I am attracted to that, and I am so not young anymore, it pains me to mention .

Anyhow, I now have two anti-trumpers I can embrace no matter what happens. I have always liked Joe Biden because he reminds me so much of my father, so passionate he sometimes stumbles on his own rhetoric, but as honest about it as the day is long. And I have always liked Bernie for just about the same set of reasons. I believe government exists to serve its people, and so does he.

So, two to like, either of which could take the ticket.

Everyone else should clear the field. Mr. Bloomberg can leave behind some billions and spend his time undercutting Trump. He was not a good presidential candidate, not lovable enough to forgive, too rich to connect and so on. But he is a great, great bankroller and I hope he continues in that role. But he should give up now.

Elizabeth Warren should leave, but not disappear because Joe Biden is going to need a cheering gallery to help him with the details of his potential presidency. She can be at the top of the cabinet list, for my money. Amy might make a good attorney general.

Onward to Super Tuesday! Pray for the strength to survive this mess! The promise, of course, is that once we get rid of Trump, we can all actually start building a better America, one that looks more like the dreams of the people who help found the place. As for Trump, I think we need to steal his slogan for a group I want to call the Cole Slaw Council, preferably creamy. The hat would be green and would say “Make America Grate Again” on the front.

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  1. Onward Bernie, Onward. I will certainly vote for Biden if nominated, but I’m for Sanders and a big freaking swing at the Democratic Party Establishment and the Mess of a Right wing Republican Party…and i mean a big swing with a balpine hammer…Bernie will bring all the young people to the table, and their momentum in the voting booth will change this country and it’s politically conservative facemask forever. IT”S PAST TIME FOR THAT! Onward Bernie, Onward.

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