Bernie or Joe?

Give it some time and we will see which one of these old white men will be taking on the old white looney president in November. Bernie Sanders would bring a gut full of passion and lots of controversial ideas to the game. Joe Biden would bring good sense, goodness and a more traditional Democratic agenda to Washington.

So we can’t lose, either way.

Unless someone screws it up. That’s always possible, of course, but not likely if everyone keeps their heads screwed on straight. One safe assumption is that the president will not be able to do that, because he simply never can. So the choice will be how hard to land on the baboon when he screws up. I say hard as you can because he is oblivious to anything but a shovel slapped on the side of his head. It can’t just be, “I disagree on that.” It has to be, “That is the worst idea since the Germans embraced facism in the runup to World War II,” or, “Even the devil would not suggest that kind of behavior,” or “…I don’t know what. Just something that goes after the truly awful nature of whatever the President is suggesting. Remember, he caged children down on the border, so he deserves your worst!

I don’t know how the Democrats are going to resolve their selection of a candidate. Biden certainly swept much of the field on Super Tuesday. But California is nothing to snort at. And we still don’t know what Elizabeth Warren is going to do, so until that happens, just hold your fire, please. When it’s time to get in, you will all know. So don’t be shy about it. Let Bloomberg send money. You just store up all the passion you can and get ready to launch it in the fall. There’s still some more primaries, so watch that closely.

I’m tired.


One thought on “Bernie or Joe?

  1. I’m a Biden supporter, but anybody would be better than what we have now. That would not be hard!


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