All Star Cabinet Lineup!

Well, we now know that, barring the lightning strike of nature and its penchant for hitting we geezers, either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders is going to face Donald Trump this fall. Either one would be my favorite in that contest without any question. The problem is how much damage are the Democrats going to do before we get there.

There are already signs some of the more outspoken women are ready to blame sexism for the fact that no woman will make it to the White House in November. That does not preclude a woman as a running mate, and Biden or Sanders could pick from any of the challengers and do very well. I would trust we can all remember that nominations are won in elections, not by birth. There are plenty of women I would vote for, but not at all because they are women. It’s because they would be great presidents, in my estimation.

We need to keep that in mind as the contest progresses. We have the potential here of wrecking the party’s chances by playing right into the hands of a White House that will do anything it can think of to gain advantage. Remember, this president has no standard of behavior any one would recognize. He is a bottom feeding garbage can rat of a man who doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the oval office. He would be eager to set Democrat against Democrat if he can figure out a way to do it, and honesty and ethics won’t stop him. But a unified Democratic Party will. But the important part is “unified.”

Bernie or Biden will only advance with the backing of a strong, united party. Remember that.

Beyond that, I think we have the makings of the greatest cabinet in history if the victor is a Democrat and has the wisdom to look to that gathering of ex challengers for candidates. I think Ms Warren might be just the choice for rebuilding the U.S. Department of Justice, wrecked by President Trump and his lapdog the attorney general. Pete Buttigieg would be a good Secretary of State.

We’ve had a pretty good look at most of them, and they do, indeed, look pretty good. That’s where the winner should start when he looks for cabinet members.

2 thoughts on “All Star Cabinet Lineup!

  1. It was good to see several women in the race, but now it is Bernie, or Joe, or both. United parties win. We really should not mess this up. Vote, please vote!


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