Finally, an actual debate!

That thing between Bernie and Biden last night, that was good. It wasn’t that one had better ideas at all. It was that they were both so human, so engaging. It wasn’t just old men screaming in a crowd of screaming wannabes, and we should learn a lesson from that. I don’t ever want to see a dozen people on stage again unless they’re doing yet another replay of cats. You could actually hear ever word. The answers, even if you disagreed with them, made sense. Joe was not acting like he was about to blow up, and Bernie never approached his high pressure mark.


The most important thing to come out of that one is that Joe is going to pick a woman as a running mate, and Bernie said he was likely to do that, too. So it’s pretty clear the Dems are going to have a grand mixed ticket. For Joe, I would suggest Kamala Harris, because she can bite when it’s necessary. For Bernie, well…I don’t think it will be Bernie. Elizabeth Warren might be good, too, but I don’t think she would take that offer from Biden. He is too old fashioned. She’s just a tad finger waggly, too, for a Biden ticket. I would give her the toughest job in the cabinet and let her run with it.

But that’s just me.

The backdrop for all this is a president whose pants are on fire, who can’t touch anything without screwing it up and who simply cannot keep his mouth shut. Can’t wait to see them go after him! Super.

One thought on “Finally, an actual debate!

  1. Amen Bro. I was surprised to hear Pence speak on the Corona issue, I didn’t know he could talk. he even sounds somewhat intelligent! Too bad he has to say what Trump wants to hear.


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