Farewell to Bernie

Of all of the memorable moments in my 11 years of teaching college students at Roosevelt University, the one that remains most clearly etched involved the presidential election class I taught in 2016, when Donald Trump would stumble into the White House on a fluke. That opened the door to years of absolutely unacceptable behavior that, I hope, will end this November. I knew college students could still be passionate, and I had seen them lining up for President Obama two times and that didn’t surprise me. What did was the powerful support Bernie Sanders drew from one of my grad school election courses. Of 24 students (all of whom attended every class I am proud to say) 23 started out as Bernie supporters and ended as Bernie supporters and, as far as I can tell, remain Bernie supporters today. They were not shy about it. There was just one Hillary Clinton supporter in that class, and passionate as she was, won no converts. It was Bernie all the way. They believed he was going to win and were convinced he was robbed when he didn’t. To this day, that was my favorite class. I think I loved each one of those students because they took the job seriously and did their job well. I am certain they are disappointed.

But, there is no robbery to it this time.

Bernie Sander’s campaign is over, even if he hasn’t formally announced that as yet. I am certain he wants the remaining time to push his message about Democratic socialism, his passion for medicare for everyone and a host of other far left agenda items. That is as it should be because he earned the right. Joe Biden, with less money and a campaign that was pronounced dead and buried many times during the past year, will undoubtedly be the Democratic nominee. He won that title and one hopes, will go on to defeat President Trump in November and rid us of this shameful, ignorant man.

It’s important that we all recognize how significant this is, a choice this far before the convention and election. It gives the party time to wad up the money and fire up the furnaces of passion that fuel all presidential campaigns. It also gives all of us the chance to rest in the certainty that all of the Democrats who presented themselves over the past few months were good, good people.

But there are a few things we all have to remember.

There’s always going to be a loser in the zero sum world of politics. That doesn’t mean they are failures, useless, any number of other epithets we attach to those who lose. It just means the numbers didn’t play out right, for whatever reason. The numbers have been very right for Joe Biden. As Democrats, we have to accept that now and unite behind him. It’s the only way to dump Trump that is legal and workable. This is the impeachment we’ve all been waiting for. But it won’t work if we open a skinny little path Trump can take to another electoral college victory.

We have to crush his cause everywhere it has a chance, from suburban Pittsburgh and the collar counties of Philadelphia to central Pennsylvania, from Ohio to Michigan to Wisconsin. Only an unquestionable Democratic turnout that thumps hims so royally he can’t stand up will do the job.

Don’t leave any openings, please.

That’s about all there is to be said about it. I hope Joe Biden has the wisdom to be a kind and smart victor, giving Bernie some of the assurances he needs to feel strong about an endorsement. I hope that all of those people who so love Bernie understand that his support for Biden is strong and honest.

We are reaching the point at which the game is now the same for most of us. We have to push that ogre out of the White House in such a determined way that even his judicial appointees quake. Then we can send Rudy G. to prison, where he belongs, and end these fantasy assaults on goodness that fuel so much of Trump’s agenda.

So go for it!

2 thoughts on “Farewell to Bernie

  1. This one was brilliant – will share widely – Thank you, Charlie. Hey, Linda. Stay well, Madigans, all. Ciao. KME

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