Changing the subject: Now it’s drugs again

The war on drugs again? Really?

I am not a regular watcher of the President’s daily Covid briefing, generally because I can’t stand how the man acts and I think he knows nothing about what he is talking about.

Thus, I am surprised I paid any attention at all to Wednesday’s White House briefing, which started out with what looked like the Joint Chiefs and the Attorney General blustering on about drugs.

Which is what it was.

Why? Why, when the nation is wrapped around itself with anxiety about this wretched virus did the president and his guys decide to go on and on about drugs from the outside and the new U.S. Navy bid to grab them.

First, our drug problem is pretty much home grown, you know? Put thousands of dollars o the table and shout “opiates” and I guarantee someone will show up with lots of stuff to sell. It’s a demand problem. You can build walls, unleash the navy and Coast Guard and anyone else you want but until you attack the gaping hole at the center of the American heart, you are not going to solve that problem.

We will do just about anything to feel good, including injecting ourselves with substances that a vet would use to kill a sick dog, just to get high. It’s why we drink, smoke, snort and whiff too much just to feel something. It would be much better to fall in love again, you know?

I don’t have anything more to say about this. The people from south of the border who supply drugs are just responding to market demand. You want to wreck that market, find a way to curb the demand.


2 thoughts on “Changing the subject: Now it’s drugs again

  1. Really Charles.

    You admit to not being a regular watcher of the president’s preening every night. You don’t go to bed thinking how if you could just meet him in person you could outdo even Mike Pence in ass kissing. You get your daily fill of lies and demagoguery from some other source. How un-a-MERICAN

    I got to tell you. I am not sure I could face my bottle of scotch alone every night without the motivation supplied by that nightly entertainment. I have always needed a reason to drink, and for the last few years, and maybe the next few, I have one.

    Love ya man. Don’t stop writing.


  2. Absolutely! I’ve been saying this for a long time. We manufacture and grow enough crap in this country and the problem doesn’t come from outside, it’s a lot cheaper to get your “fix” on home made stuff and it’s a big business right here at home.Walls will NEVER eliminate the problem.


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