“Jared! To the Bat Cave!”

Not a lot to say these days. My wife, sons and I are wearing masks. The dog is well. But I do have something to relay, this phrase from a New York Times Op Ed, perhaps the greatest description of the presidential mind I have read in a long time: “…a darkened attic of fluttering bats.” That’s from Jennifer Senior in “This is what happens when a narcissist runs a crisis.”

One thought on ““Jared! To the Bat Cave!”

  1. Big Weekend!

    The queen spoke today (4/5/20), just as her prime minister, having failed to improve from CV19, committed himself to hospital. Stay Tuned. Maybe Boris will get better?? You don’t have to like him to hope he lives.

    The pope gave his “ubi et orbi” to an EMPTY St. Peter’s square. EMPTY!

    A couple thousand years ago Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem. We remember it as Palm Sunday.
    He died a few days later. Christians remember and look forward to Easter and the Resurrection.

    The death toll in Michigan for this Easter Sunday is predicted to be much higher than the ONE GOD on Good Friday millennia ago. Resurrection? Seems like a long wait.

    On Saturday, Peter Navarro attacked Anthony Fauci in the situation room in the FN White house over a drug that has NOT been proven to be an effective treatment on CV19 , the conflict of loyalty to the President to actual science. If Fauci goes away, who will speak, and what will he say?

    Seems like a target rich environment, but if journalists and former journalists think “there’s not a lot to say”, who am I to argue? We all do what we can. That’s all anyone, we, can ask.

    Thanks Charles. Glad the dog is well.


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