Where does ego stroking fit in the corona response?

This is just about the craziest government response I have ever experienced in more than, what, 45 or 50 years of watching government. President Trump wants to be treated with respect by governors who are only looking for help in saving their populations from Corona virus deaths. He only wants to deal with people who treat him nicely, whatever that might mean.

I knew the guy was troubled from the very first time I saw him in action, a conclusion that has been reenforced a million times in the past few years. He insists on getting some level of praise from everyone around him, some quotable that will make him look effective, concerned, presidential, whatever.

Do we really want to believe that how, say, Gov. Pritzker, addresses Donald Trump is going to decide whether we get the equipment we need to fight this virus? Is Trump really that venal, that narrow, that foolish? Yes, he is. Foolish, venal, narrow indeed. This is why Jared Kushner is in charge of the Corona virus response, because he is fawningly close to Trump and can get whatever he wants from the president just by asking. He is “nice” to him, and Trump is “nice” in response, giving him responsibilities so far beyond his training and pay grade it is hard to imagine. This is why the president tells his fawning Vice President Mike Pence which states he should respond to based on their public behavior toward President Trump.

Fortunately, thinking Americans have already decided the man has to go, but this is just adding more coal to that fire. And this doesn’t even include anything about his wacky thoughts about whatever pill he has decided could be a deal maker, a game changer, a whatever.

It’s all just an attempt to make him look human in the face of his inhumanity. What pumps his blood though those veins is beyond me. It certainly isn’t a heart, because he appears to have no heart.

Pay attention to him now, not the medical advice, the behavior. At some point, we’re going to get to vote on this guy, and it should be a huge NO MORE of this stuff.

Bring on Joe Biden as soon as possible.

3 thoughts on “Where does ego stroking fit in the corona response?

  1. Love your “To the bat cave, Jared!” comment. And I hope to goodness that Trump takes a boatload of that drug in hopes of keeping himself free of the virus. What has he got to lose?!


  2. And yet Trump thrives. Why? Take a good look at one of his rallies. His remarks ricochet from ignorant, to defensive, to selfish, to pointless, to spiteful, to incoherent. And yet the huge crowds soak it up, hissing and booing and roaring with pleasure on cue like fans at a WWE pay-per-view show. Trump famously said he could shoot a person in the middle of Sixth Avenue and no one would care. Will anyone care if history shows he was at the helm when hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens died from a largely preventable disaster? Let’s hope so.


  3. I cannot believe so many people in this country actually continue to buy into Trumps ,as my Dad would have said”BUNK” Pathetic. Wake up America !


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