Best Place for Trump Signed Check: Joe Biden Campaign!

Dang, we’re so efficient here that our taxes were done long ago, filed and so on, so our Coronavirus check will be direct deposited which means, damn, no Donald Trump signature to defile.

Maybe you will be getting one of those checks. Maybe there is only one way to respond to this egocentric’s dark dream of a campaign promotion move: Sign that Trump signed check over to Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign and send it right in!

I can’t believe he is actually going to do this. Presidents don’t sign things like that. It’s just another measure of the man’s perversity.

I don’t know if you can actually DO that, but it’s a great idea and would rub the presidents nose deep into the shit he has created with his behavior during the pandemic. Imagine that!: A couple of hundred thousands of dollars (millions?) in Trump signed checks signed over to the Biden For President campaign. Even if Biden only gets 100 of them, it’s still a significant middle finger flipped in exactly the right direction. Joe could take a picture of a pile of them and post it with his smiling face attached. It would be super.

And a fine way to put Trump back in his place (which should no longer be in the White House!) We have to wait until November to do that officially, but just to bug him, try this stunt early. Or you could just cash it and send a check to Biden for President.

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