Oh No! GOP finds: “the YELLOW PERIL!”

OKAY, SO that one hasn’t actually been used politically since the end of the 19th century, when fearful Americans reacted harshly to Chinese immigration on the grounds that this Yellow Peril was coming to take American jobs. Needless to say, all of that eventually worked out well. Not only did we get a whole new generation of Americans from China, they invented General Tso’s Chicken, a dish which never really existed in China, and made it a go to favorite at Chinese restaurants all over America. I myself love it and I recognize it has nothing to do with General Tso, or perhaps even chicken.

But there you are. Whatever it is, it’s sure enough tasty!

Now the Republicans are eager to invent another Yellow Peril that doesn’t have good chicken dishes attached. It’s just President Trump’s continuing attempt to shift the focus away from his wretched response to the Corona virus and stick it someplace else. Anywhere else, actually. Beijing is as good as any place. So look for Republicans of all stripes (except the honest ones) to jump on this jolly bandwagon as Trump’s reelection campaign proceeds. At some point, former Vice President Biden will become Beijing Joe and his son will get smeared with anything the GOP can makeup that seems like it might stick.

This is what we have come to three years and some months into the Trump presidency. The man has an abysmal record that in any normal country would have seen him impeached and tossed out a long time ago, but that allows him to thrive here by paddling along in a sickening soup of lies and retributions. Anyone who gets close to sticking anything on him gets fired, or purged, or sent away, or whatever. Almost all the rest of what used to be a pretty noble political party quakes in its sneakers and avoids him at all turns.

What a terrible embarrassment! It’s a great mix of racism and ignorance. That’s what is going to fuel the Republican reelection campaign: racism and ignorance.

The discovery of China as the cause of all of our current problems, of course, is also a fiction ginned up by a collection of loud mouthed cowards who want to blame China for all of Trump’s grand corona virus mistakes. This would be hilarious except for the fact that there are something like 34,000 dead virus victims and the economy is in the worst shape since the Great Depression.

If you can’t see the handwriting after all of this, then you either have your eyes glued shut, or you are stupid as a brick.

Trump simply has to go in November.

The brightest day in our future will be the one when he packs his shit and heads off to Mar-eh?-lago to bang his balls into the rough. I, for one, can’t wait. Until then, I am sheltering and shutting him off.

What an asshole he is.

Of course, we knew that all along. It’s just now we have ample reason to say it aloud.

So join me in this: “Asshole.”

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