Dr. No!

I keep feeling the need to start my blog with the words, ‘Holy Shit!’ but I think I’m getting over that and may just revert to “What the fuck?” So, “What the fuck?’ We now have a president who has been acting like a prescribing physician in one of those low rent doctors offices you find in unfortunate strip malls, except instead of passing out opiate prescriptions like they were candy has decided maybe we could all just Clorox guzzle the virus away or maybe inhale vaporized rubbing alcohol.

It used to be with Trump you could have some doubts about motives and think, “Well, maybe he’s just trying to help people,” but that thought has gone out the window now that he has repeatedly recommended pills that don’t work. bleach and rubbing alcohol as medicines. There should just be a point at which everyone pulls the plug on this clown before he poisons all of us!

Stop covering this bullshit, pleeeeeeease! The point at which he contributed anything to the conversation about the virus is past. What is he good for now is scrawling his ridiculous name across the bottoms of bills that pour money all over everything it a bid to make it at least profitable for someone. That and leaving town as soon as possible. He is useless to all of us, dangerous too some of us and so dishonest it would not be possible to prove to anyone, even to him, what he has done. He is a shit storm on a wind that won’t stop. I can’t stand much more of this.

That being said, “What the fuck” seems almost a perfect reaction to this clown of a man parading around in his huge suits and big ties. Can’t someone make him stop?

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