Oh, Jolly! It’s from the White House!

I guess I could say thanks for the money, but I won’t because it was ours in the first place, as is everything the government is passing out now. That Shake Shack money, embarrassment that it was. Ours! That Big Corporate Money? Also ours! So I’m not saying thanks. You all should be thanking me, with “you all” I that sentence meaning the entire Federal government.

I had a friend who really needed the money, but he couldn’t get his application through a bank in time because the piggies were at the trough with their trotters out, mucking everything up. Now some of them are giving it back. Well, I hope so, because it wasn’t yours in the first place. It might have saved his business more easily than it’s going to be saved now, with a mix of delayed fed dollars and Go Fund Me stuff and whatever else can be scraped up.

I’m writing this because my notice has arrived that I have received $2,400 in federal economic impact payment, direct deposited into my family bank account. What a jolly thing, all that money I wasn’t expecting now sitting beside other money we have been saving for a long time.

It’s work, this process of being flush at just the right time, you know?

This notice came along with a letter from Donald Trump referring to total war and protecting invisible Americans. At least he had the decency to thank the House and Senate for coughing up the money. We should all be proud of our selflessness, courage, and so on, in connection with this battle against the virus.

What it doesn’t do is apologize for letting this become such a royal disaster in the first place. But what would you expect from this bad man, this egocentric bad man? He writes a lot of happy talk about how we will emerge from this stronger than ever “and rise to new heights of greatness.” He smeared his scrawl along the bottom. I thought by opting for direct deposit we could avoid this bullshit. But no, he will always find a way to take credit, somehow.

Who writes this shit for him? He had the perfect chance to display some humility (of which he hasn’t any) and let it pass so he could back slap all of us for being so spunky. Great.

Send some fucking masks, you fat parasite.

5 thoughts on “Oh, Jolly! It’s from the White House!

  1. I don’t get why a paper letter had to be sent for those with an electronic transfer. Put what all that cost toward helping those who need it! Besides, he has a lot of nerve using the postal service that he wants to kill!


  2. Charlie Kathie got one of those letters for her mother who has been dead almost 2 years. They deposited the money in her account and when she called the bank they told her not to worry it would just come back out. What a shit show this guy is in charge of.


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