Americans, PLEASE…

“Republicans rejected the legislation even before they saw it…”

So this is what we get as the nation moves deeper into medical, moral and economic crisis? Republicans who spread the kiss of death all over anything that comes from Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats?

What more proof do you need that the Trump era has become a truck wreck unfolding in slow motion than that. We have the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression, climbing debt and a vicious plague that has developed a taste for old people and those weakened by other ailments.

We can’t dig enough graves in some areas to bury the victims of this virus. There is absolutely no hope for most of the people who have lost their jobs in the past few weeks, and downtowns all over America are going to become lonely, vacant spaces filled with the tombstones of broken and lost dreams.

Holy shit! Someone has to step up to the plate here.

We’ve tried to impeach the president but his Republican defenders in the Senate would not convict him. Neither will they censure him or even find some way to slap his wrist. Can those people be THAT afraid of Donald Trump?

Apparently, they are!

Why? Is he going to get primary opposition lined up against them? Is he going to send gobs of money into advertising campaigns against them? Is he going to, going to what?

I don’t think I am exaggerating now when I say that things have changed so radically in the past couple of weeks that those old Trump tactics aren’t going to work. You know the man will to anything to divert attention either to or from himself.

Once we all know that, the game is kind of over, you know?

Everything he does these days is aimed at making enough noise so you can no longer hear the cries of the dying or the moans of people who just don’t know what they are going to do to get by. We can’t really do anything about that just now, but we should at least know it better than we know anything else. We are in deep trouble and the people we must turn to for help are clinging to old animosities and political cliches that just won’t help.

The people who lost their jobs need money. I am happy to see them get it. You should be,too, because every penny of it is going back into this sick, starving economy.

As for the President, his day is coming.

He was elected on the margins by the marginal people who turned out at just the right place and just the right time. God bless them for believing in something, but it should not ever again be this flawed, evil man with this thoughtless policies and hopeless dishonesty. One rule of politics should be understood here before we go any further down this rat hole: a fluke is a fluke. You can’t repeat it because the conditions that created it in the first place have all changed.

Call on your lawmakers to reach out to this troubled nation and help it heal its wounds, which are deep and lasting. I am not saying we are living in the worst of times, at least not yet. We have the potential to pull ourselves together and attack this problem. But we can’t do that as enemies.

We can only do that as Americans.

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  1. A strong closing statement, my friend. But what to do with a political party that has decided for the last decade that it is more important to be a Republican than an American? Be well. – LB


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