So now we arrive at President Trump’s most ridiculous creation, the “Obamagate” scandal, which he argues is the biggest, baddest worst…history’s most outrageous presidential scandal! So what does it involve?

I can’t tell and he won’t tell. I think President Trump has finally reached the end of his tether and like the mad dog he can sometimes be, has been snapped back into the side of his kennel and bashed his head on some hardwood, or concrete, or something.

It might have something to do with the Russia stink, or with the National Security Adviser stink, or who knows what? But the fact of it is it’s a final tribute to a reality we have all known from day one: If a president says it, someone will give it weight!”

He speaks about this as though we all know what it is, but can’t say it for some mysterious reason. Asking him about it is like an invitation sent to yourself to go someplace terrible. So why ask about it?

Well, the simple reason to ask about it is because he’s going to start building his reelection campaign on it because he has nothing else. The Virus has wrecked his economy and the argument he was going to build on that. He has also botched the response to the virus. All of the fawning idiots who back him blindly no matter what will back him blindly on this, too. President Obama will avoid any discussion or any of it because he knows sure as sure can be that any response to it only plays right into this sick man’s game of bait and switch.

We took the bait a couple of years back and now he’s trying to switch us so he can do it again. I certainly hope it can’t work.

Remember, if your election was a fluke in the first place, it’s impossible to rebuild the circumstances that led to it.

One thought on “Obamagat….Wha?

  1. The day the US Supreme Court took up the case of releasing Donald Trump’s tax returns he brought up the ObamaGate as an issue at a press conference, even though he could not explain what he was talking about.. This is clearly a PROJECTION on his part rooted in his fear of his dishonesty being made known. He unconsciously thought of Watergate. His stress was overwhelming during the press conference which caused him to walk out. He fears when the truth is known he will have to resign as Nixon did. Charlie what do you think of that idea? My e-mail uses the name Cathy, but you know me as Kitty. I’m Elaine’s mother. Trump is a human tragedy.


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