President Trump and no mask

It would be a simple matter for President Trump to set an example for the nation by wearing a mask in public or, for example, when visiting a mask making factory. So why doesn’t he? His own answer is that he doesn’t want to give the media satisfaction, whatever that means, of seeing him masked.

I have a better, more plausable, explanation.

He can’t get the strap around his ears without wrecking his delicately sculped hair helmet, particularly the ear part. Find a picture of Potus and look at it. His hair looks as though it were tended to by a collection of farmers with rakes every morning, rakes and a whole lot of hair spray clouds, just to keep everything in place.

It suggests the rear quarter of a 1957 Dodge Coronet. I know because that was my first car. Someone put a lot of attention into sweep of the back end of the car. Just as someone puts alot of atttention on the sweep of the hair over his ears. It’s not thick enough to actually hide the ears. I once had hair that thick, but not in 20 years or so. He just uses it to distract from the rest of the project, which is circus like. thinning so much you can see the scalp from the side if the lighting is wrong (or right, depending on how you feel about it.)

Every once in a while we get a look at what the president is dealing with because of his hair. It has to be welded into shape with hair spray and professional help, the way some very old women get their hair done every week at the beauty salon. But as big wind from the wrong direction and there it goes, like a throw rug, revealing the flooring beneath.

If my hair looked that bad, I would get rid of it and shave often. It does not, I think. But his does.

What we are dealing with here is the man’s vanity, expressed in hair terms.

He is so insecure he won’t put a mask on and dent that look.

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