Stop Being Such Wussies!

Gallup says we’re scared and unhappy with the way things are going and we are losing hope in our own futures and the future of our nation.

Lots of hand-wringing and loud worries and teary concerns about what will happen to us tomorrow. We just can’t seem to get on top of these things, this disease thing, this racism thing, this trouble in the streets thing.

Stop being wussies!

We made it this way, and we can unmake it this way by applying determination, common sense and intelligence to whatever problem presents itself. That’s what we’ve always done, and if we gather our wits, what we will always do, too.

I’ve never been much of a cheerleader on questions of national pride and well being. When I was a reporter, and I was a reporter for a long, long time, I always went out into the field to just talk to people and find out what they needed to say. It wasn’t about what I thought. Even I didn’t give much of a fuck about what I thought.

Thus, I was pretty shocked when the New York Times sent a handful of folks into the field just a lookin’ for trouble and guess what they found?

That’s right, trouble.

I have now changed my mind about conducting interviews, now that there is no chance I will ever have to conduct an interview again. If I had to do it again, I would always start out with this question, “You aren’t a wussy, are you? Because I don’t need to talk to any more wussies. I need to talk to real Americans who are ready to put their back into it and attack some problems with good hearts and good heads. Are you up for that?

If they answered, “No, I’m a wussy,” the interview would end there. If they said they wanted to put their back into it, then off we would go to find out what they really thought. At any point at which they gave up hope, I would just say, “You Wussy!” and remind them that this country has always been screwed up in one way or another, either economically or socially, and sometimes both.

What we have now is a chance to address the problem at its heart. So are you going to wimp out and go hide in the suburbs or in some country home, or are you going to get down and get at it. I would recommend that. Get down and get at it.

Don’t you ever make another race-based decision. That’s a good place to start. Stop ignoring science, another good thing to pay attention to. If you think we are led by putzheads, do everything within your legal power to get rid of them in November. President Trump is not mystically blessed by anyone. I suspect God would be as happy to see him slip off to Florida to spend his final day playing golf as I would. So get on God’s side and start talking up voting and political action. Encourage young people you know to become awake to all of this. We are, believe it or not, in one of the best times we could ever have, a time that is so demanding it will pull us all together. That’s what you need to recognize. We have the numbers to survive, no, to defeat, anything that comes along. Just be smart about it. Hold hands again when we are allowed to. Onward!

And whatever you do, don’t be a wussy!.

One thought on “Stop Being Such Wussies!

  1. Thanks for responding positively to Katie’s request. I like what you say here. Unfortunately, I am hiding in my suburb to avoid covid, being over 60 and having health issues, but I can write, call, post, teach and pray! My spouse is working hard to get the vote out and I help him to write postcards. I am very concerned about the White House proposal to eliminate asylum for people fleeing violence. I have met some of these folks in my volunteer work and they are fine people who I believe would make good citizens. You’re right that this is, in a way, the best of times because we are forced to stand up for each other. Thank you for being on the side of good, despite the unfortunate use of the p- word!


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