Bolton: Don’t Bother, You Already Knew This!

It would be nice if we could say, “Rush to buy John Bolton’s book because it finally peels the asbestos siding off of the Trump administration and gives us a good look at its festering insides.” But I’m not going to because I think the man should have unloaded all of this to the House Impeachment people at the right time and then followed up with testimony to the Senate.

None of that happened for good reason, from a political perspective. Bolton wanted to keep his rep, such as it is, intact with the bone headed right wingers and ultra-conservative Republicans who somehow created and then decided to adore him. Turning on Potus would not have worked for him because they, Those People, would have been so upset by this stunning disloyalty.

Like loyalty ever mattered to any of them.

I think Bolton wasted his time by joining the administration in the first place. What he found out was what he knew before he even went in, that the man has bricks in his head, ears that can’t listen and a mouth that pumps out such vile pooh it might be patented as a “Crap-N-Ator” device for future politicians. The president is a deceitful liar, but that is so well known by now that it is no longer even news.

So what happened is Bolton went in to get himself some street cred with the right wing by being the national security adviser to a man who does not know that Finland is not a part of Russia, that the Brits also have nuclear weapons, that North Korea is not the kind of place you want to cuddle up to, and that some leaders of some places will cut “deals” for any advantage at all.

We thought it was Ukraine Trump was using in his reelection bid as an attempt to gather up something to smear on Joe Biden, but it wasn’t. That was just a point along the road. China, that’s who he wanted to use. The president’s mistaken assumption was that China, an always hungry nation, would buy up enough of American Agricultural Production to make farmers dependable Trump voters! Wow, that shows he doesn’t know much about how many farmers there are and what weight they carry in the election process. Granted, he could get a bundle of campaign contributions from agricultural associations and the like, but he has all the money in the world he needs, so what’s the point with that?

All the soybean growers in Illinois could decide to vote for him and they would be outweighed in the electoral process by a couple of juicy Democratic wards in Chicago, where, after all, they are almost all Democratic wards!

We end up with wealthy midwestern soybean farmers and a nation compromised in the interests of China, a likely existential threat down the road.

It’s a logical non starter.

My guess is that Bolton knew that all along, but just watched it play out and took good notes so he could empty his bladder on the president on his own terms and in his own good time and for top dollar.

The greater the hatred of Trump, apparently, the bigger the advance on the book.

But it’s a book full of stuff we either knew or already suspected, the biggest point of which is the stupidity of the president. It’s not even a state secret anymore. He’s just outwardly, remarkably, un-repairably stupid and everyone knows it. We have a president that is the brunt of the jokes created by his own staff. That’s unacceptable. And I’m not suggesting getting rid of the staff. They will go in their own good time, just as John Bolton did.

It’s the boss that’s the problem. That’s who we need to dump.

Remember that as November approaches.