The Midas of Shit

So, first the news from the New York Times:

“President Trump on Saturday personally fired the United States Attorney in Manhattan, Geoffrey S. Berman, whose office has pursued one case after another that has rankled the president and his allies, putting his former personal lawyer in prison and investigating his current one.

It was the culmination of an extraordinary clash after years of tension between the White House and New York federal prosecutors. 

In a letter released by the Justice Department, Attorney General William P. Barr accused of Mr. Berman of choosing “public spectacle over public service” because he would not voluntarily step down from the position. 

“Because you have declared that you have no intention of resigning, I have asked the President to remove you as of today, and he has done so,” the letter read. Mr. Barr said Mr. Berman’s top deputy, Audrey Strauss, would become the acting United States Attorney.”

The president gets to fire his problem? Does he even know how this looks, or is he too stupid to even care? He’s going off to his big poisoned rally tonight in Tulsa where he will no doubt brag a lot about this in a context no one but him will understand.

This is continuing proof that Trump wrecks everyone around him. He has like a Midas touch in reverse. Everything he touches turns to shit. And Mr. Barr has now won a place in history alongside the Saturday Night Massacre people from the Watergate era. He should just put on a jacket and walk away from there before he does any more damage in the cause of this awful man.

As for President Trump, can’t he just go and live in Florida or someplace where he is beloved so we can forget him? We’re having an election in a few months and that may dispose of him, even impeachment did not succeed in ridding us of him.

I knew he was going to be trouble on the night he was elected, but I didn’t know he would be such a total loser. But that’s what he has amounted to.