Russia? Bad and worse explanations about President Trump

Maybe you think you already know enough about the story about Russia offering a bounty for dead Americans in Afghanistan but my guess would be you don’t if you haven’t stopped what you were doing to ask, “DID WHAT?”

It’s that bad, I would suggest. The story itself should have stopped you. President Trump did nothing in the wake of being informed the Russians were offering bounties for American bodies in Afghanistan.

There may have been two times over the past year or so that Trump was told about this, first in his daily intelligence briefing that includes everything a president should know, and second, in an actual briefing, apparently from dismissed national security adviser John Bolton.

What can we know from this?

  1. Trump doesn’t read his daily intelligence briefing (too boring, perhaps, not televised, who can say? Can’t actually read? )
  2. Trump is incapable of hearing bad news and putting it into a context beyond making it about himself, a particular problem on intelligence issues.
  3. The spies who deliver this stuff are afraid to present anything he won’t like, which is a terrible development that means it’s time for some new spies.
  4. He understands nothing.

See, none of these options is okay, but each of them fits perfectly with what we already know about a president who doesn’t have any time for intelligence people, or intelligent people, for that matter. He trusts Vladimir Putin because the Russian leader and ex KGB agent once said something nice about him right to his face (bonded forever!). He believes a man whose spy troops include accomplished murderers over his own intelligence people. We may have accomplished murderers on board, too, but at least they are ours.

All four of these are great reasons why he shouldn’t be president, a likelihood that will arrive early in November when he gets defeated. In the interim, our objective as a nation should be to keep him from doing any more damage. Also, no more goodies for the Russians until they fess up and stop this unacceptable behavior.

One thought on “Russia? Bad and worse explanations about President Trump

  1. AS Joe Biden said this morning, we need to get him out of there. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!


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