Another good soldier driven out

You had to know this was coming, the minute Lt. Col. Vindman started telling the truth about President Trump and the Ukraine, that he was withholding defense money until Ukraine said it would go get dirt on Joe Biden.

Can’t blame him for leaving, but it is sad to say farewell to another honest man, a military man, decorated, brave, well educated and thoughtful. We need these kinds of honest people in the military and in government, hell, even in the White House.

Well, were I Joe Biden, I would have a letter handy on Election Day inviting Vindman back into government to help him repair President Trump’s abiding damages. They are many and spread across the universe, I would suggest. There is a handful of generals I would like to see back in government, too. I’m not going into any detail here. You know who they were, too, the ones who tried to contain this bloated fool and save alliances with our valuable European neighbors.

I am not going to emphasize again the shite-ball nature of President Trump and the people around him. Suffice it to say that once again, the wrong person is leaving.