Are we actually this stupid?

Now we are told that the freeing of Roger Stone was actually because President Trump needs him in his reelection campaign, as though the addition of yet another recognized felon will sweeten the pot and lead to a groundswell of new love for the bad, bad man who is president.

First, I think that may well be what President Trump thinks, but it won’t work because he has gone too far down the dark path that leads from his boney head to his stoney heart for anyone to decide he should be president again. And second, Stone is an idiot and foolish clown who could only exist in a world of no standards and abundant stupidity.

This comes from The New York Times:

Since Mr. Stone was convicted in November on charges stemming from the Mueller investigation, it always seemed just a matter of time before Mr. Trump intervened on his behalf. Mr. Stone and his supporters, like the Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson, shrewdly cast his prosecution as an extension of Mr. Trump’s persecution by the so-called “Russia hoax,” thus making Mr. Stone’s case all about Mr. Trump. Mr. Stone also publicly pledged never to flip on Mr. Trump, despite what he claimed was enormous pressure from the prosecutors to cooperate.

Are we still that world?

I don’t think so. The very quiet and very shy special prosecutor Robert Mueller was actually so upset at the president’s freeing of Stone he wrote a little OP ED for The Washington Post to remind people Stone was and remains a convicted felon. It also notes the Russians played an active role in Trump’s campaign in many ways. He is truly a bad player in politics who will lie almost as freely as the president himself.

Face it, it all worked for President Trump the first time around, when he surfed into the White House on the back of, say, 35,000 votes in the right places in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan to squeeze out an electoral college victory. Stone’s role in stroking the Russians and helping spread the bad news about Hillary Clinton and her emails played a little part in this. But it was a little part in what was undoubtedly the biggest fluke in modern politics. Trump lost the popular vote by a significant margin and skated in on the creaky, cracked ice of the electoral college, an idea that had outlived its usefulness about a century ago, if not earlier.

So he may have invested a lot more faith in his old friend and conspirator than he recognizes. All of that will become more apparent in time as Joe Biden and his forces take clear aim at these people. Adding another target to the batch doesn’t strengthen anything. It just makes it easier to have your shots hit home.

3 thoughts on “Are we actually this stupid?

  1. Charles, you optimist you!

    There’s room for debate, but I will take the side of, yes, collectively, we are actually this stupid. There is so much evidence: guns on the MI capital steps, wild parties on the lakes, “Catch-Covid” parties among Millennials and Gen Z, governors ignoring health officials, BLM protests that turn destructive just as people are starting to listen, Bikers who travel to Gettysburg to stop non-existent flag burners.

    And that only scratches the surface. So again I will declare, damn straight, we are actually this stupid.

    But we don’t have to be, and The Gleaner points to the right direction. Love it. Thank you


  2. Them ain’t us. Them are getting exposure simply because the more outrageous the act, “the bigger the numbers” in the twisted world of our Liar in Chief. Them are suicidal; they just don’t get it. But there’s a lot of death going around. Beside the no maskers, our military with targets on their backs, and the next African-Americans killed by cops,


  3. I hope and pray Biden wins. We are writing postcards and doing telephone banking here. Your blog keeps us positive. thank you!


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