The Russians, Once Again!

Okay, we might overlook a lot of things because of the sourcing. Who really knows about intelligence, after all, when even intelligence agents are so quiet about what they do and how they do it? The president empties his bladder on them any chance he gets, claiming he has some kind of native intelligence that lets him know what is going on, and he is clearly wrong in so many ways there is no point in detailing them all here.

But we can’t let that lead us to allow things to slip from our minds. Sure, we all got the early version of the report that President Trump did nothing about the word that the Russians were paying rewards for dead American soldiers in Afghanistan. If I recall, his argument was he hadn’t been briefed about that, a comment that led what, three or four people to point to specific days on which he was told, either in writing or in person, about what was going on.

Still, he did nothing.

Still, he does nothing.

Here’s Douglas London, a pretty reliable source on all of this stuff, a retired veteran Central Intelligence Agency analyst with undeniable credibility on watching what the Russians were doing all over the place, a counter terrorism expert who retired after something like three decades on the job. It’s time to pay attention again.


Because too many things just bounce off President Trump like Nerf balls, never causing even a dent in his ridiculously coifed image. Intelligence work, London reports, is nuanced and not built on much certainty at all. It is built on assessments from people who know based on what they have found about the whole host of realities they have to consider every day.

Here is just a little look at what they talk like:

“Bounty” is not a term intelligence professionals would likely use. Intelligence reporting requires precision in language to guard against the risk of misunderstanding or misinterpretation, and “bounty” lacks specificity in meaning, purpose and consequence. Intelligence professionals speak with dry, clinical facts and assessments that are not “confirmed” or “verified,” but rather corroborated to various degrees of confidence.

I can’t imagine President Trump even sitting long enough to understand this explanation of why intelligence professionals are so very careful. They understand that words have weight, which clearly, President Trump does not!

Read this article and conclude what I have concluded. Of course Trump knew about these particular rewards. He just had his own reasons, which escape all of us, for saying or doing nothing about them. It’s just as though he shot someone dead in the street and walked away from it on the grounds no one told him shot someone dead on the street.

But that’s how strange our world is with Trump in the White House.

Normalcy argues he must go.

And he should call up his pal Vladimir Putin, eternal Russian leader it would appear, and ask him to stop this kind of behavior. Our soldiers deserve better.

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  1. As a mother of two former servicemen with many deployments and years of service behind them, I firmly agree.


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