President Wacky loaded for bore!

It only seemed like he went on for days!

President Trump gathered the media in the sweltering sunlight of the White House Rose Garden yesterday so they could all listen to more than an hour of ridiculous flapdoodle about the presidential race and lots more.

He has clearly slipped back on the wacky track and is loaded for bore! (I can’t believe I wrote that, but maybe we’re all going crazy.)

There was a time when you could make some assumptions about presidential appearances. They happened because the nation’s leader needed to be seen doing something about something that needed something done about it.

Now we have moved into a surreal space where the guy just shows up and bloviates about nothing, responds without answering and then turns and walks away. He just lies and lies and lies and the media keeps reporting and reporting and reporting it. My question about these things is always the same, “How much room is there in your bullshit bucket?”

At what point in journalism do you just say, “Screw this. Nothing the man does is even vaguely good or real!” and just abandon the effort. He is best watched from a good distance, maybe Harpers Ferry, W. Va., then reported on in short, quick stories that just say, “Nothing is happening we need to know.”

Or you could just do a Dr. Fauci substitute every time the President shows up. I don’t know how, but technology can achieve anything so someone should work on it.

I cannot wait for November, really. I cannot wait for him to leave the White House and become whatever he becomes so all of his Qbackers can continue their ridiculous rants and he can tweet them away and no one but the converted will read them. And maybe not even them once he is gone.

3 thoughts on “President Wacky loaded for bore!

  1. Thanksgiving will have a whole new meaning! I already pretend in my mind that he is so history…or not. Who could write a story about this mans tactics..Nightmare on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. VOTE HIM OUT & don’t ever forget how he got in there in the first place! Never presume your vote does not count.🤬


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