This Nation is still Ours

Here is a very thoughtful piece from The New Republic that provides a clear context for what’s happening in Portland, or Seattle, or anywhere else federal agents show up to lob flash bangs and unleash gases and batons against protesters. You see these events on television and it looks like all hell is breaking out. But it’s not. The nation is still very much yours and mine, even though it has some wildly visual problems in the Pacific Northwest that we have to keep in some context, lest we be scared shitless.

President Trump and his craven, lapdog Attorney General William Barr are making an argument that “Antifa” or whatever you want to call it is trying to burn down our cities, create havoc and build an anarchist’s happy universe full of screaming youngsters and middle aged intellectuals who, for some reason, remain intrigued by Karl Marx or maybe even Vladimir Lenin. But who knows what’s in their heads? Maybe nothing. Maybe just some scary images they want to use to keep people in line.

Big media needs to keep all this in line. It’s okay sometimes to be used as long as you know what is going on and present it as “We’re being used here.” And that is the case with the civil unrest these days, everyone is trying to use media for their own purposes. Riots make for good footage. But not for good citizenship. It just fuels the worst instincts, you know?

All of this sounds like the very same poop Republicans have rolled out forever whenever they feel threatened by an impending election: “Look, the nation is going to hell in a hand cart and only WE can stop that from happening. Law and order is on our side. ” And so on, ad nauseam.

Basically, Barr focused on the violence at the demonstrations and justified the presences of federal agents in thug clothing, using gas, flash bangs and clubs to drive home the point that the White House is not happy with all of this, but is quite happy (unspoken) with the appearance of chaos it presents on TV. It sets up one of those “Only I can fix it” situations Trump so loves.

I have followed this long enough now to smell it out. The president cannot get anything even half decent going on the political front so he is going to make any town with a Democratic mayor into a picture of hell (or at least enough of a picture of hell for television to broadcast).

Remember, no one has a lens wide enough to show everything. If we did all of this from 1000 feet up, it would look like a bad time for a couple of blocks surround by not a bad time at all everywhere else. Focus on the big picture.

What a fool Trump is. What he is doing is unleashing federal troops, heavily armed and obviously ready to rumble, on our own people, all in the interest of jacking his own numbers before the November election.

It’s not going to work.

This remains our country. What he is doing is evil, even if his porky Attorney General won’t admit it under oath before a House committee. They are all still pissed off about the impeachment and the indictments and convictions of Trump’s pals in the wake of the special prosecutors long, heavy investigation. They can never accept it.

This man has to lose in November. We can’t afford a president who turns on his own people, even those who despise him, and unleashes troops to beat and gas them. We should never have to see anything like this again.

The more he plays golf, the more ridiculous he looks and the more likely it is that lightning will solve our problem. I do not wish ill on any person, but I’m coming close with this one.

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