President Bathos’ Big Idea

“I know,” the president said as he gabbed with his key, terrified advisers in the Oval Office. “We could Delay The Election” until things look better for us, and we can discourage everyone from using mail ballots. This will work. I am certain because I can fix it.”

Of course he didn’t say this at all, but since you can’t believe a single thing the man says, why not just make it up so at least it seems to make sense. That’s how I’m rolling on this one, perhaps the President’s most Bathotic (look it up!) suggestion of all.

The Constitution pretty clearly gives Congress the power to establish the day for federal elections, and that, a long time ago, became the First Tuesday after the First Monday in November, come hell or high water. There is not a single thing the president can do about this other than trying to jawbone Congress into changing the date, which simply is NOT going to happen with the Congress we have now.

Perhaps he can get his stooges in the Senate, Mitch and Lindsay, to advance the cause a bit but that’s not going to work either because both of them are facing strong election challenges and are likely to have their butts booted, too, so why make it worse?

Face it, we’re voting on November 3. Whether by mail or in person, make sure you do that.

Have you looked at the economic numbers from the last quarter? Worse in history. I don’t put a lot of weight in those kinds of things because they can always change, but “worst” is a pretty strong measure in the world of economics.

What we’ve got here is the makings of a depression in a nation that had not yet urbanized itself the last time that happened. People lived on the land and could always find ways to feed themselves in many cases (sadly, not in all cases.) Now were fancied city folks with big fast cars and nice clothing and expense account…..whooops, lots of that is gone, too as businesses shut down or pull in their ambitious because of the virus and bad juju out in the economy.

Long story short, smells to me like The President is screwed and can do nothing to change that. Whoopee. Can’t wait for the loss.

Stay hearty Joe Biden and pick a good veep. We’re waiting for you.

One thought on “President Bathos’ Big Idea

  1. If you’re voting by mail, for goodness sake make sure your ballot is received by Nov 3….not Sent! Election day for me is Oct 20,2020. Vote by mail on time!


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