Time to kick some butt

I hate doing this because no one believes in the first amendment’s protection for political commentary more than I, but I have to say the Fox News people have distinguished themselves by filling their own punchbowl with their favorite media turds in response to Joe Biden’s announcement he would take U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris as a running mate.

The Fox response was predictable and right in step with its whoring for Donald Trump at every opportunity. This is a network that has its own choir, to which it perpetually preaches. That’s okay. Political commentary is great. But this reminds me of something someone once said of a reporter who was sleeping with a guy she was covering (and I don’t know whether this is actually what was said but the shoe fits.) The gist of it was that the editor didn’t give a damn who the woman slept with. She could sleep with elephants for all he cared. But if she was sleeping with elephants, she wasn’t going to cover the circus for his paper.

I salute that thought as an ancient, old, retired reporter who worked for decades on everything from politics to bloody murder to war crimes. What was always clear to me was that I was to keep some distance from what I was observing, just so I could have the proper focus, you know?

The Fox people have taken themselves out of the game. I don’t care what they say, you know, but if they are sleeping with the elephant in the White House, they should not be covering the circus. What those screaming media magpies have to say about Sen. Harris should carry absolutely no weight with anyone. They lost their ability to observe, if they ever had one, a long time ago. Again, I’m not saying they should not be babbling. Politics is entertainment for the people at Fox, so the people who watch them should view them that way, like well dressed clowns in not so scary makeup pretending they know what is happening.

But they don’t. I suspect most of them never leave the office, which is a blessing because they would be such an irritant on the street! They just sit there and develop more cliches to put onto the pile of cliches they have already presented.

Kamala, welcome to the ticket. You have already made history, now go on and make some more and don’t look back.

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