Shut up Mr. President

One part of me can’t believe the president is doing this, and the other part is saying, “Of course he would do that. He would do anything anyone can think of that might advance his reelection interests. I figured it would be best to analyze the case and tell everyone why it’s wrong to be this way, but if you don’t know that about President Trump by now, it is too late for you.

Suffice it to say it is like one of his trial balloons, but his are not filled with air, they are filled with bullshit, which is why it’s so hard making them float. Kamala Harris, the U.S. Senator who is now Joe Biden’s choice as a running mate, is well qualified by birth to be Vice President.

This is not going to stop him. In these cases, Trump just repeats whatever slander seems to fit and then ads, “I’m just saying someone said that” as cover she he can slither away from it quickly if he has to. Guess what?

Time to start slithering, Mr. President.

This is not quite as bad as saying President Obama was a Kenyan, but it’s close.

Not that that matters, either because the truth didn’t shut him up on that either for a long, long time.

I can’t wait for election day!

2 thoughts on “Shut up Mr. President

  1. I am with you brother….bring on November or October, whichever way we, united, can dump this Trump! Vote for your life & the life of this country. What a disgrace to humanity & our wonderful land. Please dear God help our nation see justice & peace between parties again. Let us sit in brotherhood & make the right decisions to free this nation of shame and bring us together again for the greater good of all. Amen


  2. I think Kamala Harris was a great choice .Bidens decision gives me great hope. Two strong, intelligent people who KNOW what this country needs. No more BS!! How refreshing. Just pray.


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