The Best Speeches Ever!

One of my journalism jobs involved being the big story writer which, for political conventions, always meant sitting at a computer surrounded by second guessing executives who watched like eagles as you tried to find something to say that would, if not please each one of them, then at least shut them the hell up.

No more of that for me.

I’m going to say exactly what I thought about Wednesday night at the new techno Demo convention, pretty slickly managed and as staged as it could be given the safe distancing rules that had Sen. Kamala Harris and her hubby and Joe Biden and his wife a good 6 feet apart smiling at one another after her speech.

What a strange time.

That being said, I think I would have been comfortable saying Kamala Harris gave the best speech of the convention and not felt at all shy about that except for one thing. Just before her, former President Barack Obama gave perhaps the best political speech in modern history, a lacerating, intellectual and passionate assault on the man who followed him into the Oval Office. That would be Donald Trump.

If you didn’t see it, look it up because it will be discussed for quite some time, I suspect. In essence, he said President Trump has wrecked just about everything, never rose to the challenge of the office and tinkled away the awesome power of the presidency to fuel his ego and make his rich friends even richer.

Obama also noted that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have just the right skills, just the right experience, to get the nation back on track. Anything short of a Biden victory in November would spell disaster for the U.S. and disaster for our Democracy.

Harris showed up in a big room with flags and mock state delegation signs that felt surreal until she began talking, at which point the only think I could notice was the way her entire face beams when she smiles. I know she is tough as nails, takes no shit from anyone, but what an amazing smile that is. I suspect she will use it lots on the campaign trail. It will draw her enemies in close enough for her to stick them with the dagger all prosecutors have up their sleeves. That, after all, is what got her started. She was a prosecutor and hence, has a taste for the blood of her enemies.

Too dark?

I think we will need someone like that in the campaign because if the same Joe Biden shows up in the battle that has shown up in his advances at the convention, it will be like the arrival of St. Francis. Someone is going to have to be the nickel plated prick in the battle against Trump, and I think she has just the right level of sweetness and aggression to handle that job. At least that’s how it seems.

This, in conclusion, is a very strong ticket. If Trump isn’t scared, it’s just because he is too dumb to realize what he will be up against.

Feel free if you actually read to the end of this to pretend you are an editor back in the day and say, “No, that’s not right. Something is missing but I just don’t know what it is. You’re not being fair to Trump. I don’t like that! Try something else! Things like that. If you were here, I would punch you, a threat I have used effectively many times before because of that old newsroom rule, “What happens at the convention stays at the convention.” I don’t drink any more, but I did back then and it was always good to be done with the job at the end of the night and dive into lots of Irish Whiskey.

Ah. Youth!

Long and short, a fantastic convention night the Democrats should well be proud of. Nancy Pelosi, my hero, was there and so was Hillary and lots of other women, Elizabeth Warren among them. They all said exactly what needed to be said about the status of the nation, the defining role women have always played in repairing messes and their hopes for the future.

I did not miss the convention hall at all this time. Or the screaming mobs or the dingy public facilities at big convention halls. I watched it all on my sunporch with my faithful dog, Lulu, snoring away on her rug.


3 thoughts on “The Best Speeches Ever!

  1. My favorite part of Harris’s speech was as she looked right into the camera and said” i know a predator when i see one”….or something close to those words.She actually assumed shark eyes at that moment….watch it again…it was brilliant and no acting there, the real thing.If Trump was watching his balls had to have snapped up between his ears.The rest of her speech was grand but that bit was what sold me.Obamas speech was one for the ages.ONWARD.


  2. For the first time in years, I have HOPE for our country. As long as we have Joe Biden leading us and Kamala Harris fighting for us we have every chance of regaining our standing in the World, as an example of strength, compassion and leadership. Standing beside those that will fight for liberty of all and against those that would exchange their humanity for greed and power. We have lost our way for awhile but together we can become an even better America continuing to fight for the dreams of our fore fathers. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are perfectly aligned at this moment in time, to lead us out of the hate and division that has been sown by greed and supported by the weakest among us without the courage to stand up for the principles they once espoused. Today we have more hope than ever of stepping into the sunshine of liberty for all.


  3. I thought the best parts of the night were the speakers who talked about the very real threats, as well as the hope to recover our country and our values. Giffords made me tear; Obama and Harris drew the battle lines. Thanks for your take–always illuminating!


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