Lyin’ to the Choir!

There is no truth in a land led by a liar.

I’m pretty sure of that. I watched a bit of the Republican Convention, such as it is, last night, got to see Nikki Haley and Don Trump Jr. and listen to speeches that seemed custom made to underline the untruthful nature of the Trump years.

Untruthful nature? Hell, by conservative estimate, the man has told 20,000 lies over the past four years, lies about everything from Russia to Corona virus to prostitutes to who only knows what. The man can’t open his mouth without spouting dishonesty.

All of this continued as his convention, and make no mistake about it, the Republican Party in all its confusion, now belongs to him and it was HIS convention that opened, as the proceedings moved along. I don’t know what to say about Donald Trump Jr., other than to say that fruit didn’t fall far from the tree.

As for the rest, the fact checkers did their jobs and presented this collection of key statements by key speakers. The outright lies only seemed to come from Trump. The exaggerations were all over the place and came from everyone.

The bottom line on this event is that these people are going to spend all the time they can calling names and suggesting we are heading for a socialist hell where government agents will come and take our firearms, close our churches, whatever fantasy they can gin up in the cause of trying to get this dishonorable man re-elected. My question would be how many of them actually believe in him. How many of them actually believe in the Republican Party? And what the hell is the Republican Party anyhow after four years of President Trump. Someone already asked that question, fortunately.

And answered it at Politico.

The bottom line here is the same as the opening line.

There is no Truth in a land led by a liar.

We have some control over that. Get ready to vote.

One thought on “Lyin’ to the Choir!

  1. The Truth ain’t in you Donald ( directly ripped off from Deadwood) . Points to you for watching this Quisling Fest. I’d rather drink a big warm bubbly glass of Milk of Magnesia, and I’m not going to do that either.


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