A Festival of Mendacity

One great thing about the Republican Convention is that it is over! I am so happy it ended. I spent much of the last night watching the movie “An American Pickle” which I loved, and checked in on President Trump only after I had sliced some watermelon to take the hot edge off of a very hot day.

About ten minutes of the man is all I can stand. Fortunately, the dependables at The New York Times watched the whole thing and fact checked it too, concluding we got the same mix of exaggerations, misstatements and outright lies that have marked the rest of this pathetic event.

Their political review is equally telling. Four years ago, President Trump said he was the only one who could fix a troubled nation. How did THAT work out?

Because we are still about up to our eyes in this wretched pandemic, I don’t know when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be able to get on the road in a major way. I would hope the first place they visit is Kenosha, asking those people to reject violence in their quest for justice. The two things don’t have to happen together.

It’s important to remember in the backwash of all this ridiculous and sometimes dangerous rhetoric that what spawned the street violence and protests were the murder of one black man and the outrageous assault by police on a second. I’m always suspicious whenever someone is shot in the back a lot of times. That’s what happened. Violent protest resulted.

I don’t think that was right. And I have no idea what people think they are achieving by burning businesses during their protests, or police stations for that matter. All they do is drive away from the cause people who, the record shows, are committed to justice and peace.

Protest all you have to. But make them peaceful. Use music instead of violence. Plenty of people would want to play for something like that and, as we all know, it heals and inspires the soul at the same time, both of which we really need now.

2 thoughts on “A Festival of Mendacity

  1. Right on brother! I will sing & play for justice & righteous any & everyday. So much more positive power in love than in hate!


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