A Tiny Bit of Help, Please

Hello, Charlie Madigan here. I spent decades writing and editing for newspapers and wire services all over the world and now I am essentially confined to my house, which I love, because where would a 71 year old man get a newspaper job these days? For my physical needs and recovery from three brain surgeries a year ago, I walk a couple of miles a day. For my spiritual needs, I talk to God while I am rebuilding nice old instruments in my workshop, or creating my own ukuleles. For company, I have my wife and our dog, Lulu. For writing, I’m just doing commentary now in the form of the inmadigan’sblog, which you can find here or quite handily on Facebook. I love doing it this way because, first, no editors to gripe about fairness and my spunky way of telling stories, and second, direct responses from readers who like/hate it. Either way it’s fine. But I do need a favor. Many of you have hundreds of friends who may like or hate this, too. Please, when you read it, share it with your friends. I want to build up as many readers as I can so I can…well, I just want to build up as many readers as I can. You will note I am not asking for money. I don’t want money. I want readers. I have a simple objective, “Don’t be devious and try to write the truth.” That’s a pretty high bar these days, but you deserve it. So share, if you will. Thank you. Charlie

3 thoughts on “A Tiny Bit of Help, Please

  1. Worthy pursuits – writing and tinkering with musical instruments. I didn’t meet you when I was an editor at the Tribune, but I am delighted to have made your acquaintance through your gleaner.


  2. I read you when you were at the Tribune and I always thought you were like a guy from the neighborhood. A smart guy from the neighborhood who could write about what I was feeling and understanding in this world. You came from Pennsylvania coal miners and I came from Irish Catholic immigrants but you succeeded in being a voice for me and so many others who thought, “can’t we do better?” Thanks for your blog, I look forward to it and often pass it on. Keep it up.


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